1. Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby, lullaby (a Cento)

    words gone from my mouth
    the sun sky blood
    Of its fur. It has no dimensions.
    light walked on our legs
    walking the tightrope
    among the plastic flowers one honest one
    a pigeon dreaming of red flowers
    the only sound
    the corpse-plants, growing like
    where lillies bled beside a lake
    with burning black eyes the telegraph keys called the wind
    No flowers now to wear at
    “Tear the Codpiece Off, A Musical


    All lines taken from the book –
    “A CONTROVERSY OF POETS:  An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry”

    Charles Olsen, Joel Oppenheim, Nancy Sullivan, Gary Snider, Stephan Sandy, Jerome Rothenberg, Adrienne Rich, Ralph Pomeroy, Frederick Seidel, John Wieners & Luis Zukovsky


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  9. justanothermasterpiece:

    Celia Johnson.

    (via wowgreat)